Gooseberry Bush Nursery

Gooseberry Bush Nursery is a  progressive (forward-thinking), eco-friendly and modern nursery. The branding was created to support a business that has individuality and diversity at its heart from how it cares for the children to the recruitment of its staff. The identity needed to also portray the business’s green credentials. The look was professional and relevant but also funky, bright, and optimistic. The branding was taken across the uniforms with the staff wearing bright coloured t-shirts with motivating messages on them, signage, children’s T-shirts, tote bags, stickers, water bottles, and a welcome book. The branding is based on the gooseberry bush shape and animals were created to aid the different stages of the children’s development. Chase me!

Allison Murray Design Brummells Barn Eastleach Gloucestershire GL7 3NG

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